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Certified Organic

On September 29th 2006, The Villa Barone received Organic Certification for its olive growing operation from the California Certified Organic Farmers. Keeping in line with the company charter of providing the purest and finest products, the certification is another step in the goal of making the worlds finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The trees were planted on virgin (never farmed) soil. While the fruit has been grown using organic methods since its inception, the certification means we have demonstrated that we meet the goals of the USDA National Organic Plan and have an ongoing process and plan to sustain this activity. What this means to the consumer is that Villa Barone grown fruit has no pesticides, herbicides, or processed fertilizers. Our trees receive sunlight, water and several feedings a year of organically certified compost as well as organic fish emulsion. We also use organically certified ground cover crops to augment fertilization, improve soil tilth and control erosion.